Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Primal Challenge Day 1

I think most people started yesterday as Day 1 of the primal challenge but, as I'm in the UK, my day was nearly over when the challenge rules were posted so I have decided to start from today.

So, the first day of the primal challenge went something like this for me:

Breakfast: Two rashers of bacon.

Lunch: Quarter roast chicken, two rashers of bacon and some cheese.

Dinner: Two poached eggs, leftover chicken and a salad.

It wasn't all saintly though, I got my favourite low-carb Starbucks: a grande decaff Americano with a short of sugar-free hazlenut syrup. See, Starbucks is another dirty vice of mine. I even have one of their loyalty cards. Thankfully, I've weaned myself off their carb-laden fraps. Those things are evil!

A full update including my workout is listed in my Primal Challenge journal.

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